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World of Colour

Explore our huge range of colours without lifting a brush.

Our tintable single pack and two pack topcoats are available in most colours from the Dulux World of Colour.

Dulux Protective Coatings Colour Accuracy Statement

Whilst every effort has been made to accurately match the colours depicted on our website to actual product colours, Dulux Protective Coatings advises that there may be colour variation between these. Variation may be due to a combination of factors, including:

  • Computer monitor (make, model and screen type)
  • Screen settings (resolution, contrast and brightness control)
  • Room lighting (eg. incandescent, fluorescent, halogen or natural light)

Furthermore, a coating can exhibit variation in perceived colour from a given colour standard depending on gloss level and application method. Another complication is metamerism, a phenomenon in which the perceived colour changes, depending on the light source under which it is viewed; for example a product in a given yellow can appear to be an exact match to the standard colour swatch under sunlight, but appear to have a very different tone under an incandescent or fluorescent light.

Please note that the Quantum FX and Micaceous Iron Oxide colours can also exhibit additional variation in appearance due to the metallic flake pigments they contain. The perceived colour of metallic pigmented paints varies widely according to viewing angle, light source and application method due to reflective metal flake in the formulation.
For more information about colour, please read our Tech Note on Colour Accuracy.

If you need to specify any of our colours for a specific project involving Dulux Protective Coatings, please contact us.

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