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Quantum FX

Quantum® FX is a premium quality, two-pack polyurethane with a spectacular metallic sparkle and semi gloss finish. Quantum® FX offers 60 brilliant colours in a choice of two grades - Fine Course Metallic.

FX39/005 Nokto
FX42/100 Ferric Eric
FX41/091 Maxim
FX39/004 Metallum
FX42/105 Zinn
FX39/001 Skyfall
FX40/046 Kurai
FX40/045 Elvira
FX40/041 Lavanta
FX40/043 Elise
FX41/070 Asimi
FX41/088 Rarity
FX39/017 Asteri
FX40/037 Regalis
FX40/038 Zambaru
FX39/015 Plava
FX40/044 Pagonia
FX39/016 Mawson
FX39/014 City Sky
FX39/012 Puru
FX39/008 Zaffir
FX39/011 Tirkiz
FX39/018 Nobility
FX39/013 Shian
FX39/010 Dorrigo
FX39/009 Dorabella
FX40/027 Placido
FX40/026 Nemus
FX40/029 Zali
FX40/030 Giada
FX40/032 Miri
FX40/023 Zelena
FX40/036 Ringo
FX40/035 Perle
FX41/082 Vital
FX41/081 Limonata
FX41/075 Altin
FX41/076 Jinse
FX41/077 Sixpence
FX41/074 Eleganza
FX41/071 Locust Wing
FX40/056 Aricia
FX41/059 Artemis
FX40/053 Affogato
FX40/055 Pink Sapphire
FX41/089 Chenin Blanc
FX41/073 Lumi
FX41/062 Martian Dust
FX40/054 Fiery Lava
FX41/072 Toffino
FX40/052 Mocha Ice
FX40/051 Bella’s Eyes
FX41/084 Treasure
FX41/060 Morello
FX40/047 Goji
FX40/049 Pilipili
FX40/050 Bellezza
FX40/048 Odin
FX40/057 Varis

Dulux Protective Coatings Colour Accuracy Statement

Whilst every effort has been made to accurately match the colours depicted on our website to actual product colours, Dulux Protective Coatings advises that there may be colour variation between these. Variation may be due to a combination of factors, including:

  • Computer monitor (make, model and screen type)
  • Screen settings (resolution, contrast and brightness control)
  • Room lighting (eg. incandescent, fluorescent, halogen or natural light)

Furthermore, a coating can exhibit variation in perceived colour from a given colour standard depending on gloss level and application method. Another complication is metamerism, a phenomenon in which the perceived colour changes, depending on the light source under which it is viewed; for example a swatch of a product tinted to a particular yellow can appear to be an exact match to the standard colour swatch under sunlight, but appear to have a very different tone under an incandescent or fluorescent light. This metamerism may be due differences in resin or tinter types used in each sample.

Please note that the Quantum FX and Micaceous Iron Oxide colours can also exhibit additional variation in appearance due to the metallic flake pigments they contain. The perceived colour of metallic pigmented paints varies widely according to viewing angle, light source and application method due to reflective metal flake in the formulation.

For more information about colour, please read our Tech Note on Colour Accuracy.

If you need to specify any of our colours for a specific project involving Dulux Protective Coatings, please contact us.

Information about this colour range

Before you specify Quantum FX

Before specifying Quantum FX, please read our two Tech Notes on Metallic Coatings.

Quantum FX Data Sheets

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